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Contemporary Fiber Design

Sustainably Handmade in Hebden Bridge, UK

Contemporary Fiber Design

Sustainably Handmade in Hebden Bridge, UK

Who are Sozarri ?

Sozarri are a leading supplier of Contemporary Fiber Art & Modern Macrame designs to the Interior Design market. Alternate to painted art, Contemporary Wall Hangings similarly use style, depth & dimension to enhance modern decor. Sozarri Collections add not only design, colour & space, but also texture, layer & movement.

What exactly is Fiber Art ?

Also known as 'Fibre' Art in the UK, here's a brief explanation..

Textile Arts in many guises have been popular since the middle ages, and more recently macramé became a household trend during the 1970’s. Fiber art can consist of a variety of simultaneous textile techniques. For instance, knotting and weaving of cotton cord and wool yarn, but also hand-dyeing and dip-dyeing of natural cotton fibres.

2020 Modern-Day Macramé

Today, Contemporary Fiber Art (also known as Modern Macrame) is currently very popular in countries such as the US. Now the artform involves very colourful, bold and intricate wall hangings and subsequently bespoke commissions end up in commercial installations, hotels and restaurants. Sozarri is at the forefront of the Contemporary Fiber Art trend in the UK.

Room Dividers ('Work From Home' solutions)

More people today work in home offices than ever before. ‘Work from Home’ restrictions can pose difficult work/life space issues. Sozarri have addressed this problem by announcing our brand new modern Macrame Room Dividers. These provide both isolation when needed, as well as an easy office de-clutter solution at the end of the day. Contact our team for info on this and our other contemporary fiber art ‘work from home’ solutions.

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UK Fiber artist Diane Shaw crafts modern macrame wall hangings that bring a burst of colour to any interior design.
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