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Our mission statement at SOZARRI is to produce beautiful artworks, using only 100% Natural raw materials that are responsibly farmed and sourced.




  1. Materials

    At Sozarri, the majority of the materials we use are cotton ropes and cords, and from day one it was decided that our materials had to have a low carbon footprint (manufactured in a mill just 20 miles away). We further committed to purchasing only 100% recycled cotton and have now also started to introduce 100% Organic Cotton that is GOTS or OEKO-TEX certified. Organic Cotton uses zero chemical fertilisers and is responsibly farmed. We have made a commitment to purchasing only 100% Organic Cotton by the end of 2022.

  2. Water

    Many of our artworks use fabric dyes. The traditional dyeing process uses a large amount of water for dye baths and for washing excess dye out of cotton fabrics afterwards. We were shocked at the enormous amount of water wastage used in this process, and so we embarked on our mission to find a better way of working. Around 9 months ago, after many trials, Sozarri developed a unique (and top secret!) fabric dye technique which uses a fraction (around 5-10%) of the water used in the traditional method. It also produces a fraction of the waste product in the finishing process. The dyes we use are 100% non-toxic and never tested on animals.

  3. Energy   

    In our workshop and offices we not only use low energy lighting, we also make sure that all electrical equipment is switched off and unplugged when not in use including overnight. This means that our computers, screens, chargers and power tools are never left in ‘standby mode’ which continues to drain electricity when it is not needed.

  4. Packaging.

    We are very concious that our packaging should not add to environmental waste, so although we would love to send your handmade products to you in a beautiful shiny new box, we decided that it was more important to recycle materials, and so we send out our products in re-used packaging. Any boxes we recieve our production materials in are used again and never thrown away.


As a member of the UK Government SME CLIMATE HUB as well as the Green Small Business campaign, we are committed to promoting a more sustainable and environmently friendly approach to businesses.

By beginning our Net-Zero Journey, we hope to help meet International climate targets of halving emissions by 2030. As such we have set our our Environmental Pledge to help with energy efficiency and the effects of small businesses on global climate change:


Download the Climate Hub business playbook